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Kids Skills For Life

Arlia aged 9 after completing the Kids Skills For Life. "What I liked about the course is doing the house"

Nicola aged 12 after completing the kid skills for life. "It's helpful. It gives you ideas about how to be responsible and other things. I think that more people should do it and you learn lots."

Michelle (adult) for specific issue counselling

I'm sure I found Ros Wilson by some divine intervention of the universe. I had just finished reading the book 'Will I Ever Be Good Enough' by Dr Karyl McBride, and thought I would check out the supporting website. I had no idea that there was a counsellor, trained in the method developed by Dr McBride, living just ten minutes up the road from me, and was so happy to find her. Here was a woman who truly understood what it is to be the daughter of a narcissistic mother.

She was able to empathise and guide me through the minefield of old frustrations and hurts, and I have found myself in a place of far greater peace than I thought possible. Ros continues to support and encourage me even though I have now completed the five step process developed by Dr McBride. Always welcoming, warm, and genuinely caring, I can thoroughly recommend Ros to those who struggle with a narcissistic relationship.

Betty (adult) for specific issue counselling.

When I first called Ros for help I was so nervous. I was brought up to never discuss what went on in our house. After a nasty outburst from my mother, I did call and I am so grateful I did. Ros is an excellent counsellor and has not only helped me break free of my narcissistic mother but also heal, become strong and find peace.

Ros has empathy and insight and guides you like a professional but also supports you like a friend. I could not have made the changes I have without her. She uses Karyl McBride's 5 Steps to help you understand Narcissistic Personality Disorder and how to heal from the devastating legacy of being in a relationship with someone who has it. The damage that NPD does is often invisible to the world so Ros' help is invaluable. She helps you to find the validation and self belief you deserve and gives you the tools, courage and support to lead a healthier and happier life. If you make the first call, Ros will help you do the rest. You owe it to yourself.

Cara (adult) for specific issue counselling.

I first met Ros when my 9 year old daughter attended a Kid Skills for life course. I then attended with Ros for some counselling for myself and my daughter also attended for some sessions during which time she was being bullied and for self-esteem issues. Krystal always felt comfortable with Ros and always talks openly and honestly, even if I am there with her as she feels safe that Ros understands her.

I have been seeing Ros now for 3 or more years, especially in regard to "Will I ever be good enough" NPD mother issues and trauma. I was such a relief to put a name to what had happened as a child and for her to empathise from my perspective. Ros is a kind caring, honest, professional and informed. There are many complex issues with NPD trauma, co-dependency and I never walk away from a counselling session without feeling a weight of my shoulders or without the resources to help me. Ros also goes above and beyond in her capacity as a counsellor.

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