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Clinical Counselling, Women, Children, Individuals, Couples Melbourne

counselling services

Counselling is a talking therapy. Discussing the difficulties or unhappy periods that we all encounter in our everyday lives.

These unhappy times may or may not be connected to a specific problem. Discussing it with a person who is not directly affiliated with the situation or is outside the family can help to put the situation into perspective for the person.

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Daughters with Narcissistic Mothers


Healing the daughters of Narcissistic Mothers!

Do you feel that no matter what you do it is not good enough. You are always blamed for the ills of the family and what ever happens somehow the blame is put onto you. Some people can do no wrong when all you ever seem to do is run around trying to please everyone and keep the peace.

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ReNew You

renew you

A constructive and positive one day personal development course for women.

ReNew You, delivered under licence for Jane C. Woods of Changing People, is a one day workshop of reflection and planning.

You will look at what has worked for you, what has not work and develop a road map to the future.

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Counselling Workshops / Courses Melbourne

workshops / courses

Short courses and workshops allow the participants to gain new skills and experiences that assist them in their lives.

These can be skills that assist you in getting or improving a job, or your work place situation, gaining the skills to better manage your life, gaining self-esteem and confidence to face the issues that confront you everyday.

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