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Counselling Workshops & Courses Knoxfield

what we offer

Ros Wilson Counselling and The Centre of Wellbeing provide a comprehensive range of Workshops and Short Courses.

These can be delivered in a flexible manner to suit all. This can either be a small group or even a one on one situation. The venue can either be at our place or at your place.

What do short courses and workshops have to offer me?

Short courses and workshops allow the participants to gain new skills and experiences that assist them in their lives. These can be skills that assist you in getting or improving a job, or your work place situation, gaining the skills to better manage your life, gaining self-esteem and confidence to face the issues that confront you everyday.

workshops / courses timetable
Life Matters

life matters

A series of workshops looking at different aspects and issues in everyday life.

Topics include:

  • Boundaries
  • Managing Stress
  • Dealing with Change
  • Memory Training
  • Confidence Building x 2
  • Positive Communication x 2

Cost is $45.00 per session. If you prepay to attend all 8 workshops, then the cost is $300.

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kids skills for life

kids' skills for life

Kid Skills For LIfe is a 4 session program aimed a 8 -12 year olds.

The program runs over 4 session for 2 hours per session twice a week.

The course contains:

  • Decision making and problem solving
  • Self-esteem building
  • Coping with difficult situations
  • Learning to be a better person
  • How to interact better with others
  • and much more

Participants will receive a manual and a certificate of participation with a celebration at the end of the course. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like your child to attend this program or if you are interested in running this program at your school or establishment.

Call: 0422 120 114 to reserve your child's place. Cost is $75 per child.

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women in transition

women in transition

Empowering Women is our flagship course.

It was developed by Professional Counsellor Ros Wilson for women and is designed to enable women who are both working and not working to gain skills either forgotten and/or new skills to help gain the confidence to achieve in their lives.

The course looks at steps to:

  • Communicating more positively to those around you - whether they be in your personal or working life
  • Understanding the skills that you have acquired in the workplace and at home are beneficial for the next step in your career
  • Understanding that if you have been out of the workforce for some time that you have acquired 'life skills" that will also benefit your working career
  • Dealing with difficult behaviours of others
  • Recognising your personal strengths
  • Overcoming power struggles
  • How to say NO!!!
  • Assertive behaviour
  • Self-esteem
  • Skills to get back into the work force

Who is it for?

The course has been designed for women of all backgrounds and stages in their lives who:

  • Have been out of the workforce for some time and feel they do not have the skills to get back to a job
  • Are currently working but feel the job they have is not going anywhere and/or they feel they can not move forward
  • Feel they need confidence and communication skills to have a better conversations with family, friends and others in their community
  • Feel they need some skills to express their personal opinions in a conversation or to speak up for themselves

How long is the course?

The course is delivered over 8 weeks for 2 1/2 hours per week or a 3 day intensive for busy ladies.

What do I need to bring?

Please bring a can do attitude, and a notebook etc. Lunch and light refreshments will be provided on the three day intensive course.

Where is the course delivered?

The course is delivered in the Eastern Suburbs at The Centre of Wellbeing as well as Community Centres. Also if you get a group together we can come to you.

How much does it cost?

The costs for both the 8 week course and the 3 day intensive is $595.00. A non refundable $200.00 deposit is required.

What results can I expect?

At the beginning of the course the participant will establish goals and objectives as to the outcome they particularly want to achieve. Each participant will have a different and personal agenda for participating in the course and will set the criteria to achieve this. As the course progresses we will look at the progress of the participants and adjust the outcomes if necessary.

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memory training

memory training

Memory training helps you to gain the skills and strategies to assist you in remembering things such as:

  • Everyday activities i.e. "Where did I put my keys"
  • Skills to help
  • Names of people
  • What is short term and long term memory
  • and other skills to help you along the way

Please do not hesitate to contact Ros on: 0422 120 114 for more information.

skills to return to work

skills to return to work

The goal of this course is to help women create a personal portfolio which will assist them in their confidence and application for work. The course can be delivered at our venue or yours.

Subjects include:

  • Identifying your skills
  • Resume writing
  • Application and cover letters
  • Where to look for work
  • Presentation
  • Interviews

Please do not hesitate to contact Ros on: 0422 120 114 for more information.

ear candling workshop

ear candling workshop

Ear Candling is an ancient technique, traditionally practised by Shaman Healers, to cleanse and balance the body, mind and spirit.

A treatment with ear candles is a nurturing and soothing experience, which leaves the patient feeling uplifted and calm.

Learn the technique to support family, friends and clients by clearing the physical and intuitive bodies through the Hopi Indian tradition.

The course will cost $125.00 and it will take 2.00 - 2.30 hours. Workshops can be one on one or small groups. If you are able to get a group together we can come to you.

Please do not hesitate to contact Ros on: 0422 120 114 for more information.