Where you look affects how you feel!

BrainSpotting is a way to help people who are feeling emotional pain.

It's a special kind of therapy that helps them process and heal from difficult experiences or traumas. Instead of just talking about their feelings, BrainSpotting uses the eyes to access deep emotions and memories.

During a BrainSpotting session, the therapist will guide the person to look at specific points or "spots" while they think about a certain problem or emotion. By doing this, it helps them explore their thoughts, feelings, and sensations that are connected to their pain.

The therapist creates a safe and understanding environment, so the person feels comfortable sharing their feelings. They also help the person pay attention to their body and how it feels during the session. This is important because sometimes emotional pain is stored in the body, not just the mind.

By focusing on these spots and paying attention to their feelings and sensations, BrainSpotting helps the person's body and mind heal naturally. It can bring relief from emotional pain and help them feel better.

Potential benefits and outcomes that clients may acheive:

  • Trauma resolution
  • Emotional regulation
  • Anxiety reduction
  • Enhanced performance
  • Self-exploration
  • Improve relationships
  • Pain management

How often do we meet?

A typical session can last between 45 - 90 mins depending on the therapist and client's needs.

For some, one session is enough to understand and clarify the goals and direction you would need to move forward according to your true values and beliefs. For others more than one session may be required. Ros will work with the client to establish what is needed, to work out a plan together and plan these sessions accordingly.

Planned sessions will be weekly for the first 2 sessions then fortnightly.

Actual client testimonial

I have always been aware that my anxiety and anger live within my body.

Through brain-spotting I have been able to connect with those parts and work through them in a way that just talking about them has never really been able to address.

I am more in-tune with myself than I have ever been in my entire life. I feel more in control and confident when I face things that would have normally rendered me paralysed in fear. I have found the difference in my life amazing.

Young women in her 30s

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