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Welcome to Ros Wilson Counselling & Coaching

Ros is a professional Counsellor, Counselling Supervisor and Trauma Informed Life Coach. Ros specialises in Guiding the Daughters of Narcissistic and Toxic Mothers/Parents who have suffered fear guilt and a weak sense of self to create a life by living authentically by their own choices and values. Please do not hesitate to call Ros on 0422 120 114 if you have any questions or wish to enquire as to whether or not Ros may be able to assist you.


General counselling, specialising in guiding people through the trauma of having a Narcissistic parent.

Now you are not alone!!. Start taking your life back today & become a more confident, stronger and happier you.

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Life Coaching

Ros has been a life coach since 2015 and is also a trauma informed coach who can guide you to make informed Life style choices.

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77 Anne Road,
Knoxfield, Vic 3180

What are the benefits of trauma informed counselling and coaching

Trauma-informed counseling and coaching provide invaluable benefits by prioritizing the creation of safe, trusting environments that acknowledge and respond to the profound impact of trauma on individuals. These approaches empower clients by restoring a sense of control and choice, essential for those who may have experienced a breach of trust or safety.

Practitioners are trained to recognize and navigate potential triggers, minimizing the risk of retraumatization. Taking a holistic perspective, these methods address the multifaceted impact of trauma on emotional, physical, social, and cognitive aspects of individuals' lives. Cultural sensitivity plays a pivotal role, recognizing the influence of diverse backgrounds on the experience of trauma.

By reducing stigma, trauma-informed care fosters understanding and compassion, creating an inclusive space for individuals to seek help and share their experiences. Skill-building components equip clients with coping mechanisms, contributing to long-term healing and personal growth. Collaboration, choice, and the prevention of re-traumatization underscore the client-centered nature of trauma-informed approaches, emphasizing a comprehensive and empathetic framework for recovery.

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